About Me

In the darkest as well as the brightest of times, God is working. This is what I am writing to remind myself of.

I started this blog in the midst of family health questions and a pregnancy that seemed to have no answers. As time went on and life kept moving I found I liked to write about all of our family adventures, recipes, crafts, laughs, and blessings as well as my fears and worries and deep thoughts. I learned (and still am learning) that when childlike faith is gone and all that's left are crumbles, those precious pieces are all that we need to trust God. All that is required of us if faith the size of a mustard seed to do great works (Matthew 17).

I hope you enjoy reading about the things that float through my head. You'll be hearing about my domesticity, our goings-on, and all kinds of things I love and struggle with. I hope to stay grounded in Christ through this forum, and pray that He can use my stories in reaching you as well.

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