Saturday, March 8, 2014

Coming in 2014

We're expecting a little addition on August 30th, 2014!
Nine weeks along!

We're so excited that God has blessed us with this little healthy bundle of joy!
Twelve weeks!

Because of the complications of our last pregnancy, we were lucky enough to have been offered early testing for our child, and fortunately everything looks normal and healthy. Specifically, they did a Panorama test for trisomy 13, 18, and 21, and monosomy X.

And since they were looking at the XY chromosomes anyway... they could tell what gender he is.

We're having a BOY!

Knowing this is such a blessing, because I do hope to continue my nannying job after my boy is born. Since I already take care of three boys, he'll fit right in! The two oldest boys will be in school (Kindergarten and Preschool) by then, so I'm praying God will continue to work it out. Also, the mom I work for has said that we're welcome to most of the clothes and some of the toys and swings that their baby will be done with by then. Score! I'm hoping my boy will get the experience of having three older "brothers" during the week and we can avoid some of the stereotypical oldest child tendencies. 

There's still tons to figure out, from names and nursery to parenting styles and more, but right now we're just excited that this little boy is growing and healthy!

Some stats:  He is fifteen weeks along today.
He should be about the size of an apple
I have been in maternity pants for about three weeks now... so I figure he'll be a big boy (like his dad). :)

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