Saturday, August 25, 2012

Her Eyes Will Open

I started reading through my Jesus Storybook Bible out loud. I reasoned that I might not get the chance to read it to my little girl, so I would start now.

Let me tell you, I sobbed. I sobbed hard as I read about God's creation. It was beautiful and good and made in His image.

But the thought that rang through my head over and over, bringing my aching heart small shards of comfort was:
"The first thing she will see when she opens her eyes will be God."
God who loves her so unconditionally and never questioned her existence. God who is more beautiful than anything she could see in this world.

That one thought was a blessing sent from the One who loves me, too. If I can't have my child, I'm glad she will go to be with God and never see the miseries of this world.

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  1. Dear Laura S, I can't begin to imagine the complexity and depth of the emotions that you and your husband are experiencing at this very difficult time - no one can. But this much is obvious: Penelope Rose is a very lucky young lady to have a mom with such a beautiful,loving and insightful spirit. Would that the first sight all of us saw when we opened our eyes was the face of our loving and merciful God! I will continue to hold you, your husband and Penelope in my prayers. In the meantime, know that your words and your willingness to be so vulnerable at such a difficult time is making a profound difference in the lives of others. Warmest regards, Don B.