Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Losing the Baby Weight

One of the issues with having a teeny tiny baby in your first pregnancy, at least in my case, is that you try to do the correct thing to a fault. What I mean is, I was trying to gain weight at a normal rate for a baby who wouldn't grow much bigger than 2 pounds. In a normal pregnancy a lot of the baby weight comes off naturally (and hey, you lose about 10 pounds automatically when your child is born). Unfortunately, I discovered that a lot of the weight I'd put on was just weight, not baby weight.

Anyway, six months after the fact, I've finally decided to buckle down and get back to my pre-Penny weight. It's time. Besides, I'd like to have a habit of a healthy diet and an exercise routine before I try to get pregnant again. Maybe the weight won't be too bad to get rid of next time if it's more healthy poundage...

Loving the Zumba classes at LA Fitness!
This got kick-started when my husband came home telling me his work is sponsoring their employees to start a gym and diet program. That was ideal, because we could both do it together. Not that he needed to loose weight; he's mostly doing to diet to support me, and using the gym to build muscle. He has a gym buddy from work, and I have one in my mom. She and I don't always do the same exercises, but we car pool since getting there is the hardest battle. So, exercise - check!

Me, lacking carbs.
Then there's the diet. I've never been on a specific diet before (unless you count the no-money-college-student diet), so it's been difficult. It's mostly a ketosis diet, which means lots of protein and green vegetables. It also means no sugar or carbs. Now, cutting out sugar in itself was easy, I haven't missed that as much as I thought (besides baking. I miss baking cookies and cupcakes and things as a hobby.) But bread, oh, lovely bread! That I miss. And I get grumpy when I miss it. And looking at all those great meals on Pinterest to make don't help either. Anyway, I''m powering through it, mostly...with some cheat meals...but I'm mostly doing well.

The scale says I'm doing well anyway.

I'm hoping to keep up the gym even after my husband's work isn't sponsoring it anymore. As for the diet, well... I'm hoping to keep up the moderation I'm learning. We've eliminated the sugary juice drinks from our fridge, and snacking on more healthy foods. Maybe I'll continue making meals with less emphasis on carbs. In time we'll see. However, my intentions are healthy!

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