Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Teething Pains

Teething must be the worst natural pain that a person can go through, after labor.

The baby I nanny for has been growing his little chompers, and from the way he howls, I know it must hurt. He's not an overly fussy baby, but when he hurts man he can scream. Broke my heart that there wasn't much I could do besides rub his gums and try to help him sleep.

Seriously, imagine you're going along just fine, learning how to eat, sleep, and poop. You've just figured out how to get mom and dad to do what you want and things are going great. Then all of a sudden BAM your gums ache like nobody's business. You don't have any framework for this. I mean, what if it lasts forever? You don't know. You're not even four months old yet!!

At least he's cute like the Gerber baby.

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