Thursday, April 9, 2015

Big News for Us

We made a big decision this week... We're staying in Florida!

For nearly a year we've been thinking about moving to San Francisco. That's where my brother in law lives, and it's where the tech industry is happening. Initially, I hated the idea. But with prayer God softened my heart and we became excited about a change as a family. 

My husband went on many interviews in several cities. None of them panned out or was a good fit until this month. A startup in San Francisco began courting him, and it seemed perfect! We were prepared to up and move... Then his current company began courting him as well. It became a difficult decision between two very good choices. We were changing our minds five times a day, weighing pros and cons, trying to figure out what God wanted for us. 

I'm convinced that both decisions could have been the right decision. But, for several reasons, we chose to stay here. We're mourning the California dream right now, even though I'm convinced our choice was good. Maybe we'll reassess in a few years and end up in San Francisco. 

But for now we're happy to be close to family and friends, and to carry on with living the life we've made here. We've been in a bit of a limbo, thinking, "why do this? We could be moving in less than a month" for nearly a year. It's time to do those things we've been putting off - planting the garden, hanging pictures, replacing our mailbox, etc. it's time to dig in to life here.

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