Sunday, July 27, 2014

35 Weeks

August is 35 weeks along now. 

It's weird to think, since Penny didn't officially make it this far. That's just based on the due date they gave her at an early sonogram, though. We're pretty sure she was much closer to term (I'd been keeping track when we were trying to get pregnant) and their estimate was wrong because she was always so small.

On a brighter note, we have pretty much all of the equipment we'll need for August. Thanks to generous friends and family, we didn't have to break the bank, either. The nursery isn't set up yet, but it's on its way.

I've started to take more time off at work. Last week I trained my replacement, and I think she'll be a great nanny for the boys. Her first day she patiently played five games of chess in a row with the oldest. He was in heaven, because I never learned how to play and he was tired of playing against his brother (who, to be fair, tends to walk away from games when he gets bored). She's patient, and flexible, and experienced, and has no qualms about stepping in to correct behavior gently. Just who we needed! God surely provides. I'll still be working two or three days a week for a while to help transition the boys from seeing me all the time. Besides, I'll miss them too!

One final thing: we have a c-section date. We're still hoping to have a VBAC, but that means the doctors won't induce my labor and they won't let me go too far past my official due date. It gets more risky the larger he grows. So, if he doesn't come before then, he'll arrive the morning of September 2nd. The day after Labor Day. Hmmm...

That's a perfect date in our eyes for two reasons. First, his name and birth month won't match. We love his name, but we do know kids can be cruel about that kind of thing. Second, he'll be the oldest in his school year instead of the youngest. Most school cutoff dates are on September 1st. Being the oldest means he has a whole extra year of life experience before starting school. If he is the youngest in his class (born in August) we're not too worried about him academically, based on my husband's and my own academic performance (she said so humbly). And, even if he is the youngest he probably won't be the shortest thanks to his six-foot-seven daddy. Even so, who wouldn't want to give their son every chance to succeed, even down to their birthdate? 

Five weeks left! 

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