Sunday, July 13, 2014

August Amzi Stanley

We've finally settled on a name!

August Amzi Stanley.

Our son.

After months of thinking, scrolling through lists of names, eliminating, adding, changing our minds... we finally came up with one that stuck. My husband was never in a hurry to nail down his name. He had to keep reminding me that we don't have to decide until we fill out the birth certificate. I was more antsy about it, to say the least. I wanted to call him by his name! But that's one of the situations that works out in our marriage. If I'm getting ahead of myself, he's good at bringing me back to where we are.

We've known for a long time that we like the name Amzi. We got the name from the line of Stanley men my husband had memorized years ago. Its his great great great grandfather's name.

So we needed a first name that went with Amzi. Among other names, we considered Augustine, like the saint. My husband had read City of God a while back, and really enjoyed it. But Augustine seemed too out-of-date for a first name, and I knew I'd shorten it to August anyway. Not Auggie. We know some people who shorten their grandson's name to Auggie, but neither of us care for that. So we pondered some more, but the name August stuck around. He'll most likely be born in the month of August, but I figure that's just a good excuse for his friends to not forget his birthday. After some "beta testing" we made the decision.

Our son's name is August Amzi Stanley.

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