Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Longing for Normal

I remember last year thinking about trials. I was reflecting on the place I was at with God and how He tends to grow people through trials. "Where are my trials?" I thought. "I have a husband I love and who loves me well. My job may not be the ideal teaching job, but at least I'm employed and my husband has a great job he loves. My parents just moved into town, which is nice because I was missing them. And we're planning on starting a family soon. Where are my trials?"

Little did I know what God had in store for me.

I don't know if I asked for it or not. I don't know if God gave me a long time of peace before the storm. I just know right now I can't get away from trials.

People keep commenting that we're interesting cases, that we're special. We could use less interesting and more boring right now. We'd love to be not special and simply normal. A little more mayonnaise white and a little less rainbow glitter flamboyance.

Trials suck.

Even still, I know God is using our situation. By sharing what we're going through with Penny and my husband's health, our friends and family have been able to share their faith and Christlikeness with others. I thank God that He lets me see those now, in the middle of it all. I hope that He has even more in store, showing His great glory and mercy hopefully in the near future. I need those reminders.

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