Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Selfless Like Hannah

If it hasn't been obvious by now, this pregnancy has not been what I hoped for or expected. My hope for a healthy child has been trashed. I have a fifty-fifty chance of not taking my daughter home, ever. The last hope I was clinging to was being able to have a normal, vaginal delivery, and now that has been taken away from me for this and future pregnancies.

Definitely not what I hoped for.

I still think about the post I made months ago, about Penny going right to God, not seeing the pain of this life, and having God raise her in a perfect way. I still feel that way sometimes. It would be best for her. But my husband and I still pray for some time with her. A hello and a goodbye, at least.

My mind goes back to 1 Samuel chapter 1 in the Bible. Hannah could not have children for the longest time. Although her husband loved her, she was tortured by the missing addition to her family. Then, when God sent her a miracle in the form of baby Samuel, she gave him over to the church only after weaning him.

What faith! What trust! What selfless love! I always wondered how a mother could give away her child, barely a toddler, after waiting so long for him. Now I can see it. She wasn't giving him away. She was giving him back.

Any time we get with Penny is a gift and a blessing from God. I pray that I can remember that as my heart hurts for her and longs for her. God is good all the time. Even in the tragedies. I don't know his plan, but I hope I can have Hannah's trust.


  1. Oh, Laura, if only you could know the countless lives that have been touched through your journey, your faith, through sweet, tiny Penny. We walk with you, yearn with you, ache with you.

    The faith you have challenges me in my own walk and I am blessed by you - and thankful for your willingness to share your heart and let us be a part.

  2. Laura, You and I have never met. I was "introduced" to you and your blog by your father-in-law, Bruce, who is long time, dear friend of mine. And yet, I echo Lori's heartfelt sentiments. You are a very special young woman, with a beautiful and wisdom and insight far beyond your years. I will continue to pray for you guys and for Penny. As I do, I will offer thanks for your courage and your willingness to be so honest and vulnerable, so that others may share in and, as importantly, be inspired by your journey. Warmest, Don B.

  3. *beautiful spirit . . .