Saturday, April 13, 2013

Avocado Dreams

I started growing an avocado!

The crack in the top means that hopefully soon a small shoot will come up!
Yes, I know we've had a garden for nearly a year, but that's always been my husband's pet project. He checks it at least twice a day, and he loves to relax and spend his extra time there. However, that's not me. I've never been outdoorsy. I don't like dirt between my toes and mud on my hands makes me cringe. Goodness, I don't even like beach sand on my feet.

So far, all I have to do is refill and change the water daily.
But I've decided to take ownership of growing this little avocado into a tree... At least white it's an indoor plant. I've wanted an avocado tree since I developed a taste for it over the last five years, then since we had a yard, and then realized what a wide shade tree it can be.

Let's hope Helo can keep from drinking all the avocado water...
Through my research, (caugh*googlesearch*caugh) I found out that it takes a long time to grow a full size, fruit producing tree. It'll take a month or two for the seed to even sprout. So at this point we figure we'll raise it in pots until we move to our next home, which in our dreams will have a bigger yard and will be the home we raise our future children to adulthood in.

It's growing a root!
It's a long term project, but that's what makes it fun. I hope all of our family will make some good memories growing this little plant into a big ol' tree.

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