Friday, April 5, 2013


I heard about StitchFix from a blog I follow during my pregnancy. I was certainly interested in it the more I looked into it. And now that I'm (finally!) starting to lose the extra pregnancy weight, I took the plunge.

StitchFix is a personal shopper and styling website. When you sign up you fill out an extensive (but not exhausting) questionnaire about your size and preferences on style, color, lifestyle, and more. If you're on Pinterest, you can even link them to any style boards you have. Then, you schedule a "Fix," which means you pick a day you would like your box of five clothing or accessory items to arrive. You keep what you like and send back anything you don't withing three days. It really is that easy! Shipping is even included.

My only drawback is the cost. I am a girl who feels guilty spending more than $25 on jeans and dresses, more than $15 on a shirt, and ALL my shoes come from Payless. The items that StitchFix sends are all "the best up-and-coming labels and brands" according to the site's FAQ, and the prices do reflect that, but you can define your price range in your profile. I set everything to lower prices in my style profile. That frugality I inherited wouldn't let me choose anything else. They have a $20 initial styling fee, but if you keep anything from your box that fee is applied to your final purchase. For example, you want to keep a $50 top, it only costs you $30 after the fee. If you send it all back, the fee is a sunk cost. If you decide to keep all five items in your fix, you also get 25% off your total cost. So there are perks.

Each item comes with style suggestion cards. Neat!
I got my first fix this week, and I was so excited! My "personal stylist" sent me four tops and a set of bangles. Since they'd never seen me before I was impressed how well the tops fit, even with my profile information. I think they even got my style pretty well. Were price not an issue, I would probably have kept more.

The prices were higher than I would normally pay for these things (said the BOGO-exclusive, won't buy it for less than 50% off, Ross and Old Navy sale section shopper), but I expected that and was actually reasonably satisfied with the price range they sent me (about $40-$70 each).

Here's a breakdown:

This is a coral color crochet top from Mystree. I feel like it can go with almost anything in my wardrobe, and it's not a color I would have picked myself.
Awkward self portrait. 
This racerback tank from THML was my absolute favorite! So soft and fun!
Still awkward. Like when you listen to your own voicemail and say "I sound like THAT?"
This tab sleeve top from Oxmo almost had me say yes, but my work and life is just not that formal. We have mud days where I nanny, people.

This chevron blouse from Everly and these coordinating bangles from 41Hawthorn just didn't do it for me. They're nice, but not nice enough for the price in my opinion.

Here's the bottom line: if you're looking for an easy way to update your wardrobe without scouring shelf after shelf at store after store, this is it. AND if you do sign up PLEASE use my referer ID because I'll get $25 off the next time I order a Fix, which I definitely will order!
Hope you'll check it out! I had tons of fun with it.

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