Sunday, April 21, 2013


For my birthday, my parents-in-law got me The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier. We've done a few recipes, and last Sunday we made her glazed doughnuts.

Let me begin by saying how delicious they were!

Then let me add that they needed a lot of preparation for a morning meal. We actually began the night before. Talk about planning ahead! This couldn't be a last minute treat... The dough had to rise overnight. Then, since we were making it for Sunday morning and we had church, one of us had to wake up early early in the morning after the dough had risen and cut the doughnut shapes.

No doughnut cutter... I used a cup and an olive oil cap.
And then they had to rise for another two hours!

Oooh, but don't they look delicious!
 Finally we were ready to fry them.

Each one was only in the oil for a minute or so, including the flip, so this is by far the easiest step.

Mmmm, unglazed goodness!

More mmm, glazed goodness!

They were good news for my mouth, if not for my waistline. Good thing they take so much effort or we'd be in trouble!

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