Thursday, September 6, 2012

Books & Movies

We recently took a trip up to North Carolina. It was so nice to spend some family time in the mountains, enjoy nature, some wonderful cool weather, and relax!

In the ultimate of God's wonderful nature and all it has to offer... is it awful that I want to talk about the shopping? I am such a girl.

We found a dream of a secondhand book store in town. In addition to finding a few Tolkien novels, and a copy of The Great Gatsby from the 1950s, we were lucky enough to find a World War II era parenting book. Like all first-time parents, we'll take advice from anywhere. I was surprised at how little advice has changed in the last sixty years. Although the book addresses concerns about raising a family in wartime and newfangled formula feeding, parental fears and priorities seems to have remained largely the same. How refreshing!

Check out the date: Copyright 1941!

In addition to our literary finds, we managed to find a video game store that carried secondhand DVDs. Now, as much as I love movies, DVDs can be expensive. As much as I adore Disney movies, I can't justify paying $25 for a single movie (Oh, Disney Vault, how you make my wallet sigh). My frugal self would rather go to Goodwill and pick up the same movie in VHS for $3. Anyway, at this little gem of a store, we were able to find Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Legally Blonde, and The Notebook for the price of one new Disney DVD.

Win? I think so.

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