Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good News

Or at least not bad news. I was so tired of getting bad news every time I went to the OB.

We found out for sure this week that Penny did not inherit her chromosome trouble from us. We have normal karyotypes. That doesn't say much about her, but it does mean that future pregnancies don't have a higher risk of this happening again.

I also found out that the doctors are treating my pregnancy as a normal pregnancy. The midwife explained as best she could that since I am not at risk, and I seem to be proceeding normally, this isn't classified as an "at risk" pregnancy. It was good for me to hear this out loud. I can enjoy being pregnant more and worry less about waiting for more bad news.

We're still not sure what will happen to Penny after and during birth, but it's nice to have some good news in my pocket.

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